Louise Van Der Velde

You Don't Need Gurus

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The You Don't Need a Guru Training Series

You're going to love this series
In Depth interviews with world leaders on;

  • Guide on How to be Even More Fabulous at 50
  • Mastering the money game
  • Becoming your own self healer with Professors and Doctors.
  • Staying young, reversing aging 
  • Great sex at any age
  • Relationship keys to happiness 
  • Bouncing back from Bereavement
  • Instant materialization not manifestation
  • Leveraging your network 
  • Income stream creation from 0 
  • Staying fit and Fabulous 
  • Overcoming adversity 
  • Self love, step by step
  • Creating positive energy 
  • Reincarnation to truth
  • Preparing for the greatest adventure 
  • Getting shit done. 
  • stop procrastination and self sabotage 
  • Building a great team 
  • Creating your life of dreams
  • Exposé on so called gurus
  • Yoga and tantra - the untold truths
  • Sex and Relationships
  • Why you don't need a Guru 
  • Tapping into your own inate wisdom
  • How to remove limiting beliefs and install new ones
  • Nativigating family dynamics
  • Coming soon on further podcasts;
  • Narcissists and how to deal with them - sharing my story, from then to now and your guide to dealing with adversity...
  • How to have fantastic sex - details of sex across the ages, my secrets....
  • New trainings added every Sunday and Wednesday




If there’s anywhere to to regain one’s full life essence it’s at Louise Van Der Veldes’  members holidays,  the one I personally visited was in Dubai. What a dynamic format they delivered and more! 

An amazing caring  team and sumptuous, luxury immersive experience with every conceivable need met. 

I’m totally sold on this experience and now want to work with them!



"Louise is great, I love her no-nonsense approach to therapy."

Lorraine Kelly
Television presenter, journalist, model and actress.

"Louise really has the answers. She gives the world a new model of relationships, where women can become the Goddesses they were born to be.To help women stand in their feminine power and not see it as a weakness. To help men be present for their women and to understand what their women really want."

Peter Sage, entrepreneur